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Privacy Policy

We will explain on this page what information we collect, how the data is stored and how we use your personal information according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

See below for the identity and the contact details of the controller.

What kind of information do we store?

The use of this website is possible without the declaration of any personal data. It is voluntary to share personal data with us.

If you create a link to your email address we will store your email encrypted in our database. Furthermore we store the date and time when the link was generated.

We store your email address as long as you do not ask us to delete it but we cannot guarantee any service or the availability of Spamty.

How is the email address encrypted?

We encrypt the address with the AES-256 algorithm which is also used in the US to encrypt "Top Secret" documents.

The key for the encryption is randomly generated. It is not stored on our server. It is contained in the link to your email address. A decryption without this key is impossible.

Sharing of personal data

Of course we do not share any personal data with third parties.

If someone clicks on the link to your email address he will be able to see your email after he solved a captcha. You shouldn't share the link with anyone who is not allowed to view your email address.

How can I delete my data?

Please contact us to deactivate the link or to delete your data.

According to article 17 and 18 GDPR you have a right to erasure of your data and to restriction the processing of your data.
You can withdraw your consent in processing your data at any time.

Tracking and Webserver logs

Our webserver logs every request to this website in a log file. This is for security purposes to prevent DDOS attacks and to see how many visitors the website has. Additionally the webserver has logs for error messages that are dispayed.

To protect your privacy we only log the first 16 bits of an IPv4 address and the first 32 bits of an IPv6 address. Thus, the IPv4 address and the IPv6 address 2a02:2e0:3fc:52:0:62:5768:38 are logged as and 2a02:2e0:: in the actual log files.

Cookies are small files that are stored in your browser. With this for example it is possible to store and get your preferred language setting.

Spamty only uses cookies to store your preffered language and we store a PHP Session ID that is required for the captcha and for security purposes. You can disable cookies in your browser settings then we won't be able to store them. You can also delete cookies in your browser.

Other rights

You can request an statement about you personal data which we store and process.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority according to the GDPR.


You can contact me if you have any questions according the data protection:


You can contact me via email:

Please use my GPG key to encrypt emails!(GPG Tutorial)