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How Spamty works

You can use Spamty if you want to share your email address on the internet (e.g. on Twitter, Craigslist, ...) without getting tons of spam. You'll get a link to share it on the web. If someone visits this link he has to solve a captcha before we decrypt your email address of our database and display it on the website.

1. Enter your email address in the form to generate your link.
Encrypt the Email Address

2. You'll get a link to share on the web.
Create a link to your address

Optional. The Spamty link is very long because it is used to encrypt your email address in our database for maximum security. (Read how we encrypt data.)

3. Share the link for example on your blog, on Twitter or anywhere you want.
Share the link online

4. Someone who clicks on the link has to solve a captcha before he sees your email address. Try it yourself.
Display the email address

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