Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

How does Spamty work?

Sometimes you may need to publish your email address on the Internet. We'll protect it against spam. You will get a link to share it on the internet. Anyone who visits this link has to solve a captcha before he can see your contact information.

1. Enter your email address in the form to generate your link.

2. You will get a link to share on the web.

3. Share the link for example on your blog, on Twitter or anywhere you want.

4. Someone who clicks on the link has to solve a captcha before he sees your email address. Try it yourself.

Why should I use this service?

Spamty will convert your email address into a link. If someone clicks on this link we verify that this is a human before he can see your email address.

Spamty uses the awesome hCaptcha and a modified version of Securimage PHP Captcha for the best protection against bots.
The database is encrypted and the key is your Spamty link. We cannot see your email address.
Spamty is based in Germany and complies with the european GDPR (general data protection regulation).
The service is provided for free.
Use it to hide your email address or to protect any other contact information from internet robot spiders.

The Spamty link is very long. Is it possible to get a shorter one?

The URL is very long because we need it for encrypting and decrypting your data.You can use any URL Shortener to get a shorter one.

Can I use Spamty with Tor?

You can also access Spamty via Tor:
All links are also valid with our .onion address.

How do you finance this project?

To help financing this project you can donate via PayPal or Bitcoin and get an upgrade to a premium account.

Are there options to use Spamty with many email addresses?

If you want to use Spamty to create links to multiple email addresses you can contact me to get access to a bulk link creator tool. This can be used to create Spamty links for a list of hundreds of email addresses.

Is the source code public? Can I run a self-hosted version?

I created a small PHP script to run a self-hosted version of Spamty.

  1. Download (
  2. Upload the PHP file to your web server and edit the file to adjust it to your needs. > CONFIG